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About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of UNHCR staff working in the Division of Programme Support Management and the Policy Development and Evaluation Service. If you have any questions or comments on the Good Practices for Urban Refugees website, please contact us at info@urbanrefugees.org.


How This Website Works

Examples of effective urban refugee programs and interventions are submitted by organizations working with this population group. We welcome examples of good practices from local and international NGOs, government agencies, community-and faith-based organizations, academics and independent researchers. Good practices are compiled in this website’s database and sorted by:  region or country; sector; and implementing agency. In addition to the good practice examples, you are welcome to share your research, presentations, photos, films and policy documents on this website. These entries will be placed under the appropriate resources tabs in the header sections. On the Home Page of the website you are able to view the most recent, the most highly rated and the most frequently downloaded examples.


What To Do To Post

Good practice examples can be completed by filling in the template. Your good practice will instantly be uploaded yet it may take up to a week before the example or your document are visible.