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Urban Refugee Task Team

Why a Task Team?

Forced displacement is increasingly an urban phenomenon, with more than half of the world’s refugees now living in cities and towns. The urbanization of forced displacement presents important new challenges and calls for efforts to develop new models for collaboration, complementary action and synergies that draw upon the comparative advantages of NGOs and UNHCR.


Who are the members?

Jesuit Refugee Service-USA (JRS)   

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)   

International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)  



Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC)  

International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC)   

International Medical Corps (IMC)   

Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) 

Asylum Access


If you are interested in learning about or contributing to the work of the Task Team, please Contact Us.


What does the Team do?

The Urban Refugee Task Team works to identify, validate, disseminate and promote the adoption of good practices in the following areas:

  • Supporting urban refugees to be active agents in meeting their needs and aspirations and building upon their own innovative coping strategies and demonstrated resilience
  • Strengthening outreach to urban refugees and improving access to protection and services
  • Promoting positive changes to government policies relating to urban refugees
  • Developing new partnership models, particularly with national institutions
  • Advancing the early attainment of durable solutions
  • Facilitating coexistence and integration through engagement in host communities


The Urban Task Team seeks to inspire humanitarian actors and governments to systematically implement good practices in urban situations by:

Taking stock of current practices within the partner community

Identifying possible good practices models

Validating and documenting good practices

Disseminating good practices

Promoting the institutionalization of good practices